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If you’re looking to get involved playing indoor and looking for a club, head to our ‘Find Your Club’ page here and get in contact with one of our great clubs.


Indoor hockey is played on a court about the size of a quarter of an outdoor hockey field. Side boards keep the ball in play, there is no hitting of the ball and the ball must stay on the ground except for a shot at goal. There are only 6 players on each team. Indoor Hockey offers great opportunities for those thinking about joining the sport of hockey. It is a fun and safe game that provides beginners with the essentials to continue to play hockey throughout the year.


Commencement Dates

Competition Season Commences Location Nominations Due Teams Due
Senior Competition Wednesday 22nd October National Hockey Centre Monday 2nd October Monday 9th October
Junior Competition Friday 20th October National Hockey Centre, Mt Stromlo High School, Melrose High School Monday 2nd October Monday 9th October

Draws & Results

23/24 Junior Umpire Schedule

23/24 Senior Umpire Schedule


Graded Competitions

Supers Men - Wednesday's commencing 29th Nov

Supers Women - Wednesday's commencing 29th Nov

SL1 Men - Monday's commencing 30th Oct

SL1 Women - Tuesday's commencing 31st Oct

SL2 Men - Sunday's commencing 22nd Oct

SL2 Women - Tuesday's commencing 31st Oct


Weekday Competitions

Monday Women - Monday's commencing 30th Oct

Thursday Div 1 Women - Thursday's commencing 2nd Nov

Thursday Div 2 Women - Thursday's commencing 2nd Nov



Supers Boys - Friday's commencing 20th Oct

Supers Girls - Friday's commencing 20th Oct

Junior Supers will be club based this year. This will be the grade for each club to put in their best team. 


JSL1 Boys - Sunday's commencing 22nd Oct

JSL1 Girls - Sunday's commencing 22nd Oct

JSL2 Boys - Friday's commencing 27th Oct

JSL2 Girls - Friday's commencing 27th Oct

JSL3 Boys - Thursday's commencing 2nd Nov

JSL3 Girls - Wednesday's commencing 1st Nov

JSL4 Girls - Sunday's commencing 22nd Oct

U12 Mixed - Sunday's commencing 22nd Oct


Please contact the if you have any questions.