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ACT Academy of Sport (ACTAS)

The ACTAS Hockey Program provides scholarship holders with access to world-class coaching, facilities and support services as well as high performance training and competition environments. To be eligible for an ACTAS scholarship athletes must be identified from Hockey Australia as a current and/or potential National player. ACTAS’s view is to:

  • Provide a quality daily training environment for athletes selected in National Senior, Development and Junior Squads. Identify and develop potential National level athletes
  • Increase the depth of potential National level athletes.
  • Develop a pathway for elite athletes to achieve their potential
  • Increase representation in National Teams.
  • Improve the performance of athletes and teams at national level and thus improving and/or maintaining the international ranking of Australian teams.

The current scholarship period is from 1 Feb 2021 – 31 Jan 2022.



Edwina Bone – AIS
Andrew Charter – AIS
Kalindi Commerford – AIS
Davis Atkin – Wests
James Day – OCHC/Melville
Talei Forrest – Central
Anand Gupte – Wests
Olivia Martin – UCHC
Jay McDonald – Wests
Emily Robson – ANU
Ben Staines – Goulburn
Jake Staines – Goulburn