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Are you looking for a team to join? Does your team need players or officials? Individuals and clubs can connect with teams, players, coaches, umpires and managers to participate in upcoming HACT competitions.

Are you a player/umpire looking for a team?

Please contact with the following;

  • Name
  • Field position
  • Level of experience
  • Preferred grade (if known)
  • Contact Information.

*If you do not wish to have your contact details public please include this in the email.

Do you have a team looking for players/team officials?

Please contact with the following;

  • Club
  • Grade
  • Men’s or Womens Team
  • Number of Players/Officials
  • Position’s
  • Contact Information

Please ensure you let the team at Hockey ACT know when you find a team/player so this page is updated and working efficiently.


2024 Winter Season

Teams looking for players and/or team officials - Updated 9/04/24

Club Grade Junior/Senior Number Needed Positions Contact Information
United  U14 Girls 1 Goalkeeper

OCHC U14 Girls Multiple Field players & Goalkeeper

OCHC CL2 Womens 1 Coach
TVHC U18 Girls 1 Coach 
Wests SL3 Womens 1 Goalkeeper 

Wests SL1, SL3 & SL4 Womens Multiple Field Players
Central CL18, U14 Boys

CL18- 4

U14- 2

Field Players


Central JSL2 Boys 1 Coach
St Patrick's SL4 Womens 1 Goalkeeper
St Patrick's SL4/5 Womens Multiple Field Players
UC Stars SL Men Multiple Field Players
TVHC SL4/5 Men Multiple Field Players E:
TVHC U12, U14 Boys Multiple Field Players E:
Uni Juniors U14, JSL2 Girls 3-4 Field Players E:


Players looking for a Team for 2024 -  Updated 12/03/24

Name Preferred Grade Position Years of Experience Contact Information


Umpires for Winter 2024

Teams looking for an Umpire for 2024 -  Updated 15/01/24

         Club           Grade Umpire Required For   Contact Information  
OCHC Seniors
Central Senior Men E:


Umpires looking for a Team for 2024 -  Updated 15/01/24

         Name           Preferred Grade   Contact Information